Jon Stetz is modeling the Durango, Rico and Northern.


The railroad is based on a right of way that started as a Stage Sine first laid out by Mears.

 It ran from Rockwood on the DRGW over the mountains two Scotch Creek SW of Rico on the RGS.

It never progressed to a railroad from the Stage Line it started out as, but stayed a stage line for many years. In the 40's it became a logging road.

Jon is modeling it as if it had become gone from a Stage Line to a railroad.

The RR will be run with NCE for power and sound with most of the equipment already on hand being from PBL.

The benchwork is in place for the track plan above.


The room before the layout.


The benchwork before assembly.


Assembled benchwork looks much better.


Structures spreading out for track planning and placement.


Track is in place for the Hidden Loop (not shown on plan).


Rockwood Turntable.


The town of Rockwood.


This is the end of Rockwood Yard and the beginning of town to the right. The turntable is to your left.